Tourism Development Consulting

At BaruExpeditions we use our knowledge as the instrument to provide answers and solutions to the client’s needs.
Our consulting work focuses on commercial tourism areas, national and international marketing, communication with all types of companies in this field and in project management. We are specialized in the commerce sector, point of sale, sales channels and commercial networks.
Our service focuses on three main areas that are: team of professionals, knowledge and methodology
Team of professionals
In the Analysis and Research we assign a team perfectly identified with the client. In each project there will always be a professional with a lot of experience in the subject to be treated. The BaruExpeditions professionals define their consultancy with experience and a wide trajectory of high prestige in the tourism business.
The experience of our staff, with companies and very diverse situations, turn your 10 years of business experience into a world of ideas and creativity that endorse and offer a world of first level knowledge.
The work we have developed over time on Analysis and Research, is based on three major titles:
. Reflection on the work:
.What has been done well
.What has not been done well.
.results acquired.
.external participation:
.Comprehensive project of action.
.General approach.
.Identification of important keys.
Contact us if you require more information about the plans and strategies we can offer you for the zone you want to develop.

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